The Libeskind Tower 

Daniel Libeskind, PwC Tower, Milan, Italy, 2020. Photo David Bombelli

The tower, designed by architect Daniel Libeskind, completes the skyline of Piazza Tre Torri, heart of the City Life District, at Fiano della Torre Generali and Torre Allianz, designed respectively by Zaha Hadid and Arata Isozaki with Andrea Maffei, winners of a 2004 competition.

The tower, with its 175m height it is one of the three new office buildings of Citylife development in Milan.

The building features a curved volume with a concave façade stepped to the South and convex to the North.

This iconic shape is the expression of the architectural concept that takes inspiration from the Renaissance dome. Daniel Libeskind designed it as part of an ideal sphere that encompasses and embraces the square below.

Its quadrangular plan (63mx25m), with the long sides to the South and North, is slightly rotated towards the East. The typical inter-story height of the offices is 4.1m, whilst the floor 29, intended for the plants, has an inter-story of 5 m. From the floor slab 30 up to the top of the building there is the Crown void volume which contains technological elements and maintenance equipment.

In compliance to project specification, Focchi has designed and manufactured a building envelope consisting of TGU unitised system that features Argon cavities, low-e coating, solar coating, and warm edge spacer. The TGU glazing are structural silicone bonded on the aluminium frame. Vertically, there are PPC painted aluminium external beads on the mullions.

The Crown façade

The Crown curtain walling, consisting of special units, unique pieces of remarkable size, encloses a single volume at the top of the building that houses the cooling towers and the BMU equipment.

These façades, which have no weather tightness requirements, consist of a single skin unitized system with a laminated safety glass inserted in a PPC painted aluminum frame.

Keys: discretize, emerging.

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