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Chunking down step 2

This step helped us to design the general type of the floors of the 30 St Mary Axe by the means of a circle and hexagon which can be a base for designing the internal part of this tower in the next steps.So the next step can be designing the floors of this tower whichContinue reading “Chunking down step 2”


The Libeskind Tower 

The tower, designed by architect Daniel Libeskind, completes the skyline of Piazza Tre Torri, heart of the City Life District, at Fiano della Torre Generali and Torre Allianz, designed respectively by Zaha Hadid and Arata Isozaki with Andrea Maffei, winners of a 2004 competition. The tower, with its 175m height it is one of theContinue reading “The Libeskind Tower “